Where your money goes?

The BIG Sleepout raises funds to support the continuation of SAFE@LAST's vital services for children and young people. Below are examples of how the money you raise could be used.



registration fee could buy a warm meal for a young person staying in the children’s refuge.



could cover the costs of the calls of four young people to our helpline allowing them to access help and support.



could buy a set of clean clothes and toiletries for a young person who has been sleeping rough.



could allow our Detached Street Workers to provide a session for young people on the streets which begins to engage them in safer activities.



could cover the costs of the web chat service for four months so we can offer a listening ear to young people who feel too frightened to talk on the phone.



could provide a professional out of hour’s urgent response to 21 young runaways to ensure they are safe and supported to return home when possible.



could keep a young person safe from harm in our confidential refuge over a weekend when no other help may be available to them.