The BIG Sleepout SAFE@LAST's signature event returns to all four boroughs of South Yorkshire. It's an event where people sleep rough for one night to raise funds and awareness for vulnerable young runaways. The event helps to give participants an insight into what it could be like for the many thousands of young runaways who find themselves sleeping rough.


lakeside * Friday 26 September  Crystal Peaks

* Friday 3 October


* Friday 10 October

parkgate * Friday 17 October



SAFE@LAST is a registered charity working with vulnerable children and young people who have run away from, or have been thrown out of the place where they usually live – or are at risk of doing so. The charity provides a 24 hour helpline, one to one support, a parent support service, an extensive prevention education programme, a team of street workers and, most remarkably of all the only refuge in England for children and young people who are under the age of 16.


The BIG Sleepout provides a chance for SAFE@LAST to highlight the struggles young runaways face and for people to have a small taste of what sleeping rough on the streets might be like. When children sleep rough they do it because they feel they have no other choice. They do it because they judge their other options as worse than a cold, lonely, dirty night on the streets. The money raised at The BIG Sleepout's will help the charity to continue to ensure that young people across South Yorkshire know they have a safer choice.